A custom jewellery design studio specializing in engagement rings, wedding bands, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, memorial jewellery and vintage fine jewellery.

Soft pastel skies and jewel toned flowers fill my heart with joy. The laughter of a child, melodic notes on the piano and the smell of freshly baked pie breathe life into my soul. To put it simply, I love beautiful things…my friend, you are beautiful.

I am passionate about creating fine jewellery as unique as the individual for whom it is intended. I am a listener and interpreter who artistically transforms your heart's deepest emotion and life experience into tangible tokens of your love and affection. Using the most precious of ethically and sustainably sourced materials, I promise to provide quality craftsmanship in every piece. Your love is designed to last...your jewellery should be designed to last.

I studied Fine Art at MacEwan University and enrolled at the GIA where I completed the Applied Jewellery Programme. In 2001, I began working in the fine jewellery industry specializing in custom design. With great pride, I celebrate over 20 years of designing one of a kind pieces for one of a kind people.

Each piece of jewellery that I design is intended to represent something sacred and precious…a relationship…a special life event…a beautiful memory. At the heart of what I do is a sincere desire to help each client that I work with feel a thrill of excitement, giddy anticipation and a rush of deep heartfelt emotion as we work together to create the perfect one of a kind piece.

Meet the Artist Sonja Deklerk

I firmly believe that the greatest emotion and motivator in this world is love. With this in mind, I strive to design one of a kind pieces that symbolize the unique and beautiful love of each client that I work with. Each piece is designed to thoughtfully and beautifully encapsulate love for another individual...something that tells a love story and will continue to tell that love story for years to come. 

All my Love,
Sonja Deklerk GIA AJP

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