If there was one message that I could shout from the rooftops, it would be this:

YOU are precious
YOU are of value
YOU are worth more than gold

Perhaps I am so passionate about this message because I need to hear it more than anyone else. A sense of self worth does not come naturally to me, yet I see worth and value so clearly in every soul that I meet. My friend, you are of infinite worth.

Because I battle daily with deep feelings of insecurity that at times causes debilitating anxiety, I created this simple, yet intentional line of rings to be worn as tokens or reminders of the worth and value that is always there…a worth and value that exceeds anything of this world. Truly, each and every one of us is worth more than gold.

In those moments where you may doubt or question your worth and value, it is my greatest hope that you will find the inner strength to redirect any feelings of self doubt and negativity towards this one eternal truth: The treasures of this world are not diamonds and gold. The treasures of this earth are you and I.

My friend, you matter. You matter greatly. 

Each ring is made to order using ethically and sustainably sourced gold and laser inscribed with the phrase “more than gold”

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“My fiance and I first met with Sonja to learn more about the process of looking at and purchasing an engagement ring. It was one of the best things we could have done! She explained everything simply and it was easy for us to understand. We were able to get the perfect ring with Sonja’s help!”

 Zoe + Jacob 

“Sonja made our anniversary rings. They are one of a kind! It makes them that much more special when you know she put her heart and soul into making these rings. They are beautiful.”

Heidi + Stefan

"We ordered an engagement ring from Sonja and it was even more beautiful than we expected. We were thrilled! Sonja was lovely to deal with as she is knowledgeable about rings and responded to our questions in a timely fashion. The ring arrived in our mailbox quickly as well which was nice. We would recommend this shop to anyone. We are so pleased to have purchased from Sonja. Thank you again"

Ave + Dave

“Beyond what I expected. Such a beautiful engagement ring! Such great customer service, just perfect! I 110% recommend this shop!!!"


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